Cindy Xie

Founder and Executive Director
Halcyon Consulting Group Limited


With a Master’s degree in finance from City, University of London’s Cass Business School, Ms. Xie is the Executive Director of Halcyon Consulting Group and a Founder of the Caribbean Investment Alliance. She is also an important sponsor of the China-UK Human Resources Association, a communication platform for Chinese enterprises and overseas government agencies to conduct overseas investment and talent introduction on the stage set by the Belt and Road Initiative.

Within the landscape of global integration, Ms. Xie focuses on the fields of offshore finance, identity planning, and wealth preservation, and has 10 years of experience in large-scale multinational banks and more than 15 years of experience in overseas investment. She is skilled at the comprehensive use of international identities, funds, trusts, insurance, and other tools, providing customized and comprehensive configuration solutions for high-net-worth clients in terms of overseas asset planning, wealth preservation and inheritance, tax optimization, offshore corporate structuring and risk control.

Ms. Xie has an industry acumen that integrates Eastern and Western perspectives, enabling her to be trusted and valued by high-net-worth clients and business partners. With a thorough understanding of the Asian market and high-net-worth individuals, she and her team have provided hundreds of high-net-worth clients with professional services in international identity and offshore wealth management for over a decade.