Côte d’azur /

The Côte d’azur project was created in the year 2012 by a set of highly experienced professionals in the real estate industry, willing to change the approach philosophy on the market. Over time, they have been proving, with our growing and vast portfolio of customers, that professionalism, dedication and honesty, are qualities valued by society.


Headquartered in Sesimbra County, Côte d’azur has three attendance stations, Sesimbra, Santana and Setúbal. Today the company have seven agencies (Sesimbra, Lisbon, Setubal, Almada, Santana, Azeitão and Corroios), a multidisciplinary and qualified team of more than 100 people.


In addition to the purchase, sale, rental and management, Côte d’Azur possesses own buildings and projects!


The annual presence at the fair “Le Salon de immobilier et du tourisme”, in France, is already an integral part of their sustainable expansion project and the international market betting is an increasingly effective and justified project.