Yanqin Zhu

Shenzhen Blue Pass Consulting Co. Ltd.

Ms. Yanqin Zhu is Chairman of Shenzhen Blue Pass Consulting Co., Ltd., a member of the Council of Shenzhen Immigration & Overseas Study Service Association, and a member of the Expert Committee of Shenzhen Immigration & Overseas Study Service Association.

Blue Pass is one of the most professional teams for immigration to Australia in China. Ms. Zhu has more than 15 years of experience in the immigration industry, with capacity changes from sales consultant from team champion and from professional manager to entrepreneur. She has the curiosity and spirit of adventure as an Australian-style entrepreneur and enjoys a great reputation among customers. With the most senior Australian material experts in the industry, Blue Pass keeps close contact with the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government. Over 100 annual practical successful cases form the best proof of its profession. Based on this major segment, Blue Pass has carefully selected the European Program, the Island Country Passport Program and other bill programs to better meet more customer demands.